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Why Meditate?

It’s the 21st century. Most of us know about meditation and its benefits. If not, we can easily google it to find out. To save you that time and/or to remind you what you already know, meditation has been proven to increase happiness, reduce stress, slow down aging, reduce anxiety, and improve concentration.

Why a guided meditation?

A guided meditation is an easy way to keep your mind focused, so that you are truly able to enter a peaceful state. In my experience, a guided meditation is the simplest way for you to receive the benefits of meditation without having to worry about your mind wandering.

Why call it The Calmness Thought Train?

Often, our “trains of thought” are filled with fear, doubt and worry… but not today! This 10-minute guided meditation I’ve created for you takes you on a journey to boarding a “thought train” of peace, calm, and serenity.

Post-travel thoughts:

“The Calmness Thought Train is a perfect illustration of the power of visualization and it helps me refocus my attention on positive thoughts and leave my worries at the gate.”~ Julie, Missouri

“It’s the first time that I felt I really was able to be in the moment and leave all the world behind. I loved my ride!”~ Patricia, New York

“The Calmness Thought Train meditation has allowed me to create a vivid and peaceful image that constantly reminds me of how I chose to be balanced, zen and at ease in this journey of life.  I have internalized this imagery so deeply that I dream of finding a physical place like the train station in my mind, as it has led me to serenity and fulfillment.”~ Sofia, Uruguay

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