You’ve been given your vision by Life itself and it’s your mission to manifest it into reality!

You’ve been given your vision by Life itself and it’s your mission to manifest it into reality!

From a very young age I believed we all have a purpose and that there’s a specific reason we were born. I couldn’t explain why I felt this way, I just knew.

But some days it feels ridiculous, right? If we have no clear way of living our purpose, if we buy into the skepticism of others, and if we keep feeding our own self-doubt, it can seem impossible.

I know how frustrating it feels because for years I struggled with these problems as well.

I followed a cookie-cutter life by going to school to get a doctorate degree in Pharmacy with the intention to graduate and land a high paying job. Deep down I knew I wasn’t fulfilled, but since everyone else was going through the motions too, it felt wrong to want something more.

For almost a year I dipped in and out of depression as I wrestled with the decision of finishing my degree or leaving to pursue my purpose.

Once I realized I was more afraid of getting to the end of my life and never living into my full potential… everything shifted.

I made a bold decision to not continue to get my doctorate* and I committed to going for my dream! (*I am proud of all of the work I did to graduate with a 4 year degree though.)

Yes, it was risky. Yes, I was scared. Yes, I worried if I had made the right choice. But there was another part of me that KNEW this was going to work out because I had a “secret weapon.”

The day I made my decision was the day that I enrolled in a program called the DreamBuilder that taught me the “Invisible Side of Success”. I immersed myself in the material that was based on over 30 years of research studying the most successful people in the world and how they used 10 spiritual principles to turn any dream into reality.

I felt like I hit the jackpot!

Since then, I’ve built dream after dream after dream from teaching yoga to developing content for a multi-million dollar life coaching company to starting my own business (all aligned with my soul’s purpose).

The DreamBuilding system works for anyone if they’re willing to work with it.

Now as a Transformational Life Coach and I help heart-centered difference makers get out of their own way, so they can access their inner genius to fulfill their soul’s purpose!

Since you’re reading this, chances are you feel the same way as I did. You intuitively know it’s not a coincidence that you’re alive on planet earth at this time in human history with a burning desire in your heart to be a champion of change.

That feeling or “inner knowing” is the Universe itself guiding you because the world needs your gifts!

But if you don’t know where to start or you’re paralyzed from worrying if you’re enough or if it’s even possible, then it’s time you learn to work with the Laws of the Universe like I did!

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, but I now live in Colorado with my cat Autumn. I spend most of my time reading, meditating, listening to personal development audios, watching shows like The Office & Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and spending quality time with my amazing wife, Vivianne.

I love to snowboard and I’ve been on the mountains since I was 5 years old. Despite the decades of experience, I’m still working on landing a clean 360 🙂

My birthday is in December (which makes me a Sagittarius) and I love the snow, but my favorite season is the Fall. Sweater weather, am I right?

I believe in energy, reincarnation, synchronicities, the power of mind, God (a.k.a. Grand Overall Design), positive thinking, vibration, chakras, auras… pretty much anything spiritual, but I ground it with science because I am a scientist at heart. 🧑‍🔬

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As an inspirational speaker, teacher, and transformational life coach certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, Kevin Carton empowers people to discover and live their soul’s purpose. 
With over a decade of experience, Kevin has helped hundreds of people breakthrough limitations, rewire their subconscious mind and trust themselves more deeply, so they can take the bold steps to turn their dream into a reality. 
He has spoken on stages in front of thousands of people sharing his “old soul” wisdom, which led to him being described as a young Bob Proctor. He shares weekly insights alongside his brother Chris Carton on their podcast, Science & Spirituality, which has over 1.3 million downloads and listeners in 113 countries around the world. 
When he’s not serving others in his coaching business, Kevin loves going on date nights with his wife / soulmate Vivianne, snowboarding in the mountains in the winter, and spending time with his cat Autumn in their home near Denver, Colorado.