You know you’re here for a purpose.

Now it’s time to fulfill it.

Gain Clarity & Confidence

for your dream

Most people feel stuck when it comes to their purpose, so you’re not alone. You may lack clarity on what your purpose is or you may feel unsure of how to achieve your big dreams.

Wherever you are, having a powerful vision vivid enough to clearly imagine will liberate your creative energy to know your next best steps to move forward.

In this highly effective guidebook, you’ll learn the exact visioning method that I’ve taught to 196 clients already to gain the clarity and confidence you desire.

Are you ready to make the bigger impact you know you were born to make?

After years of working with clients, I’ve learned that the challenge most of people struggle with is a deep-rooted limiting belief that it’s not “realistic” to pursue their passions… and it’s completely false.

Of course the facts of your life will support the story you’ve been telling yourself, but remember… your current results are simply a reflection of the truths you’ve held, up until now.

While it’s easy to understand the problem, the difficulty is making a sustainable change when you’re…

  • Surrounded by the skepticism and negativity of others,
  • Feeling confused on how to turn your crazy dream into an actionable plan, 
  • Filled with self-doubting thoughts that are arguing for why you can’t, why it’s not a good time, why you don’t have the money, the education, the experience, etc…

In the midst of all the noise you have to remember: 

By not fulfilling your purpose, you’re holding back all of the gifts you’re here to give!

If you’re ready to change that, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Kevin

I help heart-centered difference makers rewire their limiting beliefs, work in harmony with the Laws of the Universe and take the bold steps required to fulfill their Soul’s Purpose. 

Doing what you feel you were born to do can seem daunting. I’ve felt that way, too. The good news is that there IS a proven, reliable way to achieve your dreams and live your purpose. (And I promise it’s not rocket science 😉) 

It’s worked for me, my clients and thousands of people all around the world, so I KNOW it will work for you, too.


“I’ve been reading spiritual and self help books for 25+ years, but it wasn’t until I started working with Kevin that I started seeing results in my life. I highly recommend having Kevin as your coach! He is wise well beyond his years. It’s an investment in yourself and you’ll see results in all areas of your life. I promise!”

Virginia Meyers

“I was blown away with what I got every week from Kevin in knowledge and support. Coaching with Kevin has been the life-line that I needed, and I get chills and teary (in a good way!) at the amazing way Kevin has impacted my life for the better. I am SO grateful that he has been my coach, and proof that miracles walk on the earth in human form!” 

Caitlin Amy

“Working with Kevin definitely helped get me out of the rut I was in. Now I feel less stressed and weighed down by all the mental garbage I was carrying around. I feel more confident and capable of moving in the direction that I want. Kevin provides the system for attaining the things that feel unattainable!”

James Pommier

“If Kevin’s words are drawing you in, if you feel called to work with him, it’s for a reason. I’ve personally reaped the benefits of Kevin’s coaching in regards to my relationships and business. He has helped me to realign my path and to take clear action towards my goals. I’m thankful for our continued mentorship.”

Ashton Cantou


To Help You Live Your Soul’s Purpose

The DreamBuilder

(Group or Private Coaching)

In this 3-month program, you’ll learn to develop a life-long skill set of clarifying + embodying your vision, as well as how to re-pattern any limiting beliefs in the way, so you can easily manifest what you would love into the landscape of your reality!

Soul Building Masters

(Group Coaching + Masters Class)

In this 1-year program, you’ll have an incredible amount of space to dive deep into knowing and living your purpose. Learn how to overcome obstacles with ease, so that you can easily transform any situation into an expansive experience.

Soul Building Masters GOLD

(Private Coaching + Masters Class)

In this immersive 1-year private coaching experience, you’ll evolve your understanding of Universal Laws and your 6 mental faculties, so you can create the results you REALLY want, again and again with greater ease than ever before.

The Science & Spirituality Podcast 

Blending these two diverse worlds can be the catalyst to your soul’s evolution! Joined by my brother Chris, an acupuncturist doctor, we dive deep into universal spiritual principles, while grounding them in scientific evidence ranging from neuroscience, quantum and meta-physics.

Expect to leave each episode with an expanded consciousness and practical tips to apply into your life right away!